4-H Youth Development Program

The Rutgers Cooperative Extension’s 4-H Youth Development Program uses a learn-by-doing approach that enable youth to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to become competent, caring and contributing citizens of the world. This can only be accomplished by using the knowledge and resources of our caring volunteers.

The goals of the 4-H Youth Development Program are to:

  • Provide Educational Programs and State, National & International Opportunities to members in grades K–13 (one year out of high school).
  • Encourage responsibility, community awareness and character development in youth.
  • Strengthen the skills of our volunteers through publications and training.
  • Improve community partnerships and collaborations.

If you would like to become a 4-H member view our club list and see what interests you, or perhaps you would like to be a volunteer, we are accepting both.

Aside from the benefits one gets from being in part of 4-H, as a result of their 4-H participation, members also have the opportunity to earn scholarships for college.

Rutgers Cooperative Extension (RCE) of Somerset County is an educational organization within the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers, The State University.

RCE helps both youth and adults improve their knowledge and skills, and resolve problems in the areas of food, nutrition, health and wellness; food safety; agriculture; environmental and natural resource management; and youth development. This is accomplished through the use of science-based knowledge and university research. View the RCE website to learn more about its programs and all it has to offer.

Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Somerset County is very proud to have a staff of very talented and dedicated people. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact them.

RCE is an equal opportunity program provider and employer. Contact the State Director’s Office if you have concerns related to discrimination, 848-932-3583.