School Enrichment

Somerset County 4-H offers school enrichment programs to any school in Somerset County (all they have to do is ask!).  Last year we visited over 35 schools, from pre-school through highschool, offering a variety of programs including STEM and Healthy Living programs.

Environmental Science Programs


Bee Friendly Gardening

Description: Students learn about the importance of pollinators (bees, butterflies, etc.) to our food system. Learn why we want pollinators in our gardens and the best plants to attract them. Students discover parts of a flower important to the pollination process and design/create a flower to attract pollinators or complete a garden planting activity.
Recommended Grade Level: K-6

Worm Cafe

Description: Students learn about the many benefits of having worms in a garden and what plants need to grow. They also discover the worm’s role in creating compost, and how it adds nutrition to soil to grow healthier plants. Students have hands-on time with real worms and learn how to start composting at home.
Recommended Grade Level: K-5

Save the Waves

Description: Students learn the incredible amount of plastic wasted world-wide, where it ends up, and why we should care. They also discover the impact of plastic waste on our oceans and marine life. Students learn steps they can take to reduce their own eco-footprint and use upcycled materials to create something new.
Recommended Grade Level: K-6

What’s the Matter?

Description: Students explore the three states of matter through experiments with physical and chemical changes. Explore evaporation and discover condensation. Participate in the great ice cube race and witness a chemical reaction!
Recommended Grade Level: 1-4

*From the Mouth of Owls

Description: By dissecting and studying owl pellets (masses of undigested bones, teeth, hair, and feathers of owl prey), students discover clues of how owls live.
Recommended Grade Level: 3-6

Tree-mendous Trees

Description: Become a stump detective and determine the age of a tree. Discover the many products brought to us by trees. Take a closer look at seeds. What tree is that? Learn to use a tree guide to identify tree families. 
Recommended Grade Level: 1-6


Healthy Living Programs


Building Strong Bones

Description: Students will review the dairy food group, look at the milk production from farm to table, discuss the importance of calcium in bone development, and learn how to build strong bones to last a lifetime through movement activities. 
Recommended Grade Level: K-5

*From Our Farms

Description: Highlights a seasonal food and teaches children about the role farms play in growing seasonal produce. Through food focused stories, hands-on activities, and light snack, children explore where the food they eat comes from and the nutritional role it plays.
Recommended Grade Level: Pre K-2


Description: Through story, discussion and use of a glow light, students learn the importance of proper hand washing and the skills to protect themselves from disease to stay healthy.
Recommended Grade Level: K-4

Get Moving – Get Healthy

Description: Fun interactive activities and games help students review the food groups using the Choose MyPlate icon. Students discuss the importance of making good nutrition choices and daily physical activity.
Recommended Grade Level: K-5

Make Your Plate Great

Description: Students learn how to build healthy eating habits using the Choose MyPlate food icon. Hands-on activities review each food group and help students make healthy food choices, select reasonable portion sizes and rethink sugar intake.  “Whoa” and “Go” foods will be discussed through games and story. A tasting of a healthy snack is optional. 
Recommended Grade Level: K-5

*The first 4-H School Enrichment Program per grade per school year will be free unless marked with an asterisk. Materials for that program are charged to the class. Additional programs start at $2.00 per student.