School Enrichment

Somerset County 4-H offers school enrichment programs to any school in Somerset County (all they have to do is ask!).  Last year we visited over 35 schools, from pre-school through 6th grade, offering a variety of programs including STEM and Healthy Living programs.

The first 4-H School Enrichment Program per classroom per school year will be free unless marked with an asterisk.  Materials for that program are charged to the class.  Additional programs start at $2.00 per student.

  Get Moving-Get Healthy—NJ:  Fun, hands-on activities and games help students choose healthy foods and reasonable portion sizes. Explore how much sugar is in popular beverages, what common objects can help us choose the proper portions, and how to make a healthy plate. Workshop includes exercise to keep kids moving. Grade level: K-6

Make Your Plate Great:   Learn how to build healthy eating habits using the new ChooseMyPlate food icon. Hands-on activities go over each food group and how to make a great plate. Find out what different foods do for our body and make a healthy snack. Grade level: K-6  More in-depth sessions on nutrition label reading, fruits and veggies, fats, and sugars are also available. Grade level: 6-8

Tree-mendous Trees:  Become a stump detective. Determine the age of a tree. Discover the many products from a tree. Take a closer look at seeds. Grade level: 2-4  What tree is that? Learn to use a tree guide to identify tree families. Grade level: 5-6

Germbusters: Germs are everywhere. Through hands-on activities students learn the importance of good hand washing to protect themselves from disease. Grade level: K-3

Dinosaurs/Fossils:  Bring those prehistoric creatures back to life as students become amateur paleontologists. Grade level: 1-4.  Discover how dinosaurs were classified and analyze how their names were derived. Grade level: 5-6

Worms with a Wiggle:  Create your own compost bin or study ours. Watch red wigglers turn your garbage into a rich humus for planting. Grade level: K-12

Image result for math magician clipart “Math-e-Magician”:  Numbers are very magical things, and in this program students learn all kinds of tricks! Kids will assist as our “Math-e-Magician” in solving problems and guessing answers while students try to stump each other. Entertaining math games keep kids involved and active as well as interested in math. Grade level: 2-6

Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere:  Build students’ science skills of predicting, observing and experimenting with something as simple as bubbles. This look at bubbles includes: surface tension, adhesion, colors, and mixtures. Grade level: K-5

Growing Green*:  Explore the world of seeds, discover the many varieties, learn the parts of a seed and remove a seed coat. Grade level: 1-3.  Choose to grow plants in your classroom or to explore one of the many facets of plant life. Grade level: 4-6 *Cost varies

Meet the Force: Explore the world of magnetism. Determine what kinds of objects are attracted to a magnet. Discover differences in strengths of various magnets. Create a magnetic force. Grade level: 2-4

What’s the Matter? Become a molecule and explore the three states of matter. Participate in the great ice cube race. Explore evaporation and discover condensation. Grade level: 1-4

Image result for owl clip art From the Mouth of Owls*:  By dissecting and studying owl pellets (masses of undigested bones, teeth, hair and feathers of owl’s prey) we can discover clues of how owls live. Grade level: 3-6 *Cost for pellets $2.00 each.