Member Enrollment/Re-Enrollment

Interested in starting you own club?   What you will need:

  • A minimum of 2 registered volunteers are needed to start a club.  Volunteers must be screened and trained through the Somerset County office.
  • Contact the office for more information.
  • At least 5 youth members from at least 3 different families. The club members must also select youth officers to provide leadership to the club.
  • A place or means to meet. Clubs must meet at least 6 times throughout the year. Clubs may meet at any location, including members’ homes, community center, military installation, library, public housing site, school or at the Somerset County 4-H Center, located at 310 Milltown Rd. in Bridgewater. Many clubs hold 9-12 meetings throughout most or all of the year, and often supplement with project meetings, camps, fairs, and other 4-H learning activities.
  • Once a club is formed, club leaders and members need to enroll through 4-H Online each year.  Adult leaders who are new to the program will need to create a new Family Profile.  Click here to view enrolling instructions. In addition, New Members Registration Forms must be completed, signed and returned to the Somerset County Office.

New leaders should take moment to review the New Jersey 4-H Leader Training Series, which is a training and reference tool. It will serve as the base for your orientation.

Need to Re-Enroll?   What you will need to do:

  • Everyone (youth/leaders/volunteers) must re-enroll annually through   (Click here for a step by step instructions on how to re-activate your account. Please make sure you are registered in all of the clubs to which you belong.)
  • If you are already a leader and have re-enrolled, please make sure you are registered in all of the clubs to which you belong.  Once you are in 4-H Online, you must take the 15 minute Protection of Minors refresher course. Click here for instructions.
  • Leaders: Take moment to review the New Jersey 4-H Leader Training Series, which  is an excellent reference throughout your 4-H volunteer career. Individual fact sheets can be used as ‘stand alone’ information or self-learning tools.