Somerset County 4-H Offers members many opportunities to join various clubs, discover new interests and make new friends. The 4-H youth program uses a learn-by-doing approach that enables youth in grades K-13 to develop the knowledge, attitude and skills they need to become competent, caring and contributing citizens in their community and the world.

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4-H Somerset County, NJ Informational Page

The 4-H Youth Development Program uses a learn-by-doing approach to enable youth to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to become competent, caring and contributing citizens of the world. This is accomplished by using the knowledge and resources of caring adults. The goals of the 4-H Youth Development Program are to: •Provide informal, educational programs for youth in grades K–13 (one year out of high school). •Encourage responsibility, community awareness and character development in youth. •Strengthen skills for adults working with youth through publications and training. •Improve community partnerships and collaborations.
4-H Somerset County, NJ Informational Page
4-H Somerset County, NJ Informational PageSaturday, August 11th, 2018 at 8:04am
Alex Norz is one of this year’s Outstanding 4-H’ers. Alex has spent 12 years in 4-H putting his effort into the time and labor-intensive work of raising livestock with both the New Centre Dairy and Branchburg Beef and Dairy clubs. Through the model of this leaders and his own activities, he has discovered, "Teaching club members who are interested is inspiring; to help people learn is my passion."

After nurturing and raising his own animals, Alex works closely with club members by leasing his stock to peers who do not have the resources to own their own. He mentors youth in the safe care, grooming, and showing of their charges. Alex cites his Round Robin participation as his most rewarding 4-H moments. This year he expanded his mentoring, creating a workshop where those who aspire to this level of showing gained experience with several types of animals and knowledge from other 4-Hers and professionals. Alex also participates in the Udder Club and Exchange, as well as many activities which contribute to fundraising and an enjoyable Fair.

Alex Norz is committed, determined, and successful in 4-H and is preparing for a career in agri-business, making his passion his life's work.
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